Do You Have Ugly Baseboard Radiators?

Picture of Ugly Baseboard Radiator

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If you are like many of our customers you may have baseboard heating covers that are old, rusty, dented or just plain ugly looking. You may be wondering if there is an easy way to repair baseboard covers and you would be right!
You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that replacing the actual “cover” rather than the whole “heating unit” is all that is needed. Besides giving your home, office or facility an upgraded modern look, these galvanized steel baseboard radiator covers are super simple to install.
Installation is “Easy” and anyone can do it. Typically “No Tools” are needed. You simply remove the old covers and snap ours into place. The whole process might only take 5 minutes if there are no strange complications. You will pleasantly surprised on how easy and rewarding it is to replace the covers of your old ugly radiator heater covers!
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